Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Un-birthday, Grandpa!

Grandpa's birthday is on Tuesday. Since it is a school day, we'll all be running in 7 different directions that day, so we opted to have a small celebration today. We met for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and then went bowling. The kids haven't been bowling in about a year. The bowling alley here is huge, and very loud. About halfway through our game, Megan was beginning to fall apart. I think the bright, loud, stuffy environment just wasn't her cup of tea.
Daniel loved bowling. I think he more enjoyed his victory dances and not the actual bowling itself.
Daddy was a champ. We took turns helping the littler kids bowl.

Once Joshua had been given a little bit of direction, he did a great job.
Early on in the game, Megan was quite enthusiastic.
The anticipation of waiting for the ball to be returned was torturing all of the kids.
When Megan didn't have an adult helping her bowl, the ball traveled at a snail's pace down the alley. It took us nearly 90 minutes to bowl just one game.
Thank goodness for the bumpers.
After bowling, everyone went back to our house to hang out for a bit. Then we took a ride up to Taco Bell for some lunch. I thought I would include a picture for our friends back in Kodiak. It was big news there a few weeks ago when a Taco Bell finally opened on the island.

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Rachel H. said...

WOW! What a fun day! I think you might have just totally inspired me to take the kids bowling tonight. :)