Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day at the Park

Our Labor Day started out as a house-cleaning and unpacking day. Then Keith called me from the apartment in Clearwater to say that he had forgotten something at the house in Orlando. I loaded the kids up and we went on an adventure to the west coast. I was ready for the 2 hour drive with snacks, the mini-DVD player and books - but no distractions were needed. Daniel slept the whole trip since it was nap time anyway. Megan and Joshua watched out the windows at all the cool things we passed. We saw many places between Orlando and Clearwater that we'd like to visit. There was a Dinosaur World, a Fantasy of Flight aviation museum/showroom, and the Tampa Aquarium. Once we met up with Daddy, we went to the park so that the kids could stretch their legs a bit before the 2+ hour drive back to Orlando.

This park is fantastic and has climbing structures for kids of all sizes. Once Daniel saw Megan and Joshua running to the "bigger kid" stuff, he wanted nothing to do with the toddler stuff.

The gigantic climbing structure was awesome. Joshua really loved playing on it. The park was really fun and the kids had a great time. They all had a hard time holding their eyes open on the way home.

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Rachel H. said...

What a COOL PLACE! Jenna saw the pictures and raced over to ask if we could go there too! :)