Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Add two more to the sick kid list

As per the usual chain of events, the littler two managed to catch Joshua's sickness. So now that Joshua is feeling better, the smaller two are falling apart. Daniel is so snuggly when he's not feeling well. Poor Keith, everytime he'd try to sit down with me to cuddle, my lap would already be filled with a sleeping Daniel.

Megan slept most of the day yesterday. This morning she was feeling much better, but was still very tired. I kept her home from school so that she could get a little more rest. About an hour ago, her fever spiked back up, so she's now back in bed.

Everybody is much more moodier than usual when they are sick. It makes for a very long day. Keith is joking that he is counting down the hours until he gets to have surgery and stay in the nice quiet hospital for a few nights.


Anonymous said...

Ugh! It's Murphy's law that they all get it eventually. I hope you a) don't get it and b) are able to have some peace soon!

Rachel H. said...

Ugh!!! Bummer deal! That is rough stuff when the ickiness starts to spread.

I hope everyone gets back to normal really soon...