Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Weekend

This weekend was filled with ups and downs. I realize now that I failed miserably at preparing the kids to turn their building blocks into church this weekend. It was tough getting everyone in the car because they wanted to hold their own block, but also needed to get seat belts secured. After weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (the former from the children, the latter from mommy!), we were finally on our way to church. This week there was a choir and a brass ensemble. Megan really doesn't like loud noises, it's almost like the stimulation is just too much for her and she starts falling apart. Daniel sat with his hands over his ears and Megan buried her face into my arm. I knew when they woke up that it wasn't going to be a good morning and once we got to church, it went further downhill.

I kept a record of their sleep this week and I noticed on days that they've had a lot of sugary treats given to them at school they just don't sleep well making the next day terrible. I can't really describe it as a sugar-high, but more like a coming-down-from-the-sugar-low that results in meltdowns for a day or two after whatever sugary celebration the kids have had. I really didn't mind it when I thought treats were going to be few and far between, but they are becoming a regular occurrence. After much discussion between Keith and I, the plan is for me to send a letter in with both of the kids outlining our stand on sugary treats and our preference to not use sugary treats as rewards. I'm really not a big fan of confrontation, however, when needed, I can be pretty assertive, especially when it comes to the kids' health.

Anyhow, back at church, Megan had a really rough day. Her grumpiness continued on for the rest of the day. She was a weeping willow at Grandma's house for lunch that day, too. After church, Keith, Daniel and I went for a walk.
Daniel and I get out and run on this trail a few times a week. I'm hoping to get my bike serviced sometime this week and then we can ride together while the big kids are at school. I think the bike trailer will give him more shade than the stroller provides.
The kids and I went to the Maitland Farmer's Market this weekend. We watched the violin players, sampled some caramel apples and kettle corn and enjoyed walking around in the shade.
The kids were fantastic! Megan pushed her little shopping cart around as we shopped for produce. For less than $10 we bought a huge loaf of fresh bread, Daniel's huge cucumber, 3 very large zucchinis, 2 pounds of strawberries, 2 pounds of green beans, a watermelon and the Sunday newspaper.


Hillary Dickman said...

I'm with you on the sugary treats. They show up in the most unlikely places -- after every ballet class, as treats during preschool, as a reward for finishing a session of swim lessons, as rewards at drives me nuts. It's frustrating that more parents don't put their foot down and say, "this is not okay with me." I don't want my kids to feel left out, but I also don't want them to think it is okay or healthy.

Zach and Beth said...

Funny, I can already tell a difference in G when he is given a treat, which isn't very often. The next day he is a bear and very naughty.

Oh, and thanks for rubbing in your farmer's market trip. $10?!? That's great! I'd pay a good $30+ for that here. One of the things I miss about the lower 48.