Monday, August 25, 2008

The storm that never ends

I'm not even sure if it was catagorized as a tropic storm, tropical depression or a hurricane. But I do know that the tricky storm did not stay on it's path. We thought we were in the clear when Fay moved across Florida, but then she turned around and came right back. The entire sequence of events was pretty funny. The kids had no school on the days the storm was supposed to hit us, but those days ended up being nice days to play outside. Then the day the kids went back to school we had sideways blowing rain and wind knocking trees down. This was Thursday of last week. At around 4pm the wind and rain wasn't too terrible, so I went to pick up Keith's prescription from the doctor's appointment he had earlier that day. When I walked back into the house already feeling on edge from driving through flooded streets surrounding our neighborhood, Keith tells me to go look out back. I went out back to see the second tree in less than 3 weeks attempting to ruin our swimming pool. Fortunately this tree wasn't very big. When I walked back into the house I realized we had no electricity. We stayed without power from Thursday afternoon until Friday evening. Here is part of the tree taking a swim in the pool. The previous owners left us the fire pit that some of the tree is resting against. Notice our pool is about 1/2 inch from overflowing.
Fortunately, our house has plenty of windows. Friday morning it didn't even seem like the power was out. The kids were happy to play on the floor in front of the windows.
Here is a better shot of the tree. This one is after Keith had been hacking away at the tree.
This is our back door. It leads into what should be the garage, but is actually the family room, since the previous owners converted the garage into a family room. At one point, the water pooled at the door up to the top of that bottom brass hinge. I'm so glad the kids didn't try to open the door!

We live in an interesting area. Just a few streets over from our house is flooding so deep that it is halfway up most mailbox posts. Our house is mostly dry now. Infact, we have pretty much cleaned up everything from the storm.


Anonymous said...

Jeez - God really doesn't want you using that pool, huh?! I'm glad you all are safe.

Rachel H. said...

GEESH! Your title is living up to it's name...Holloway Family ADVENTURES...

Will it ever end?!?! :)