Monday, August 18, 2008

All the cool dragons eat it.

For fun, Keith purchased a dragon fruit during one of our grocery shopping trips. None of us had ever had a dragon fruit before. I asked the man stocking the produce area what the fruit would taste like and he said, "nothing, it really doesn't have much of a flavor". He was right. It had the texture of a kiwi only a little creamier. I probably should have taken a picture of it before we sliced into it, but I didn't think to run for the camera until Keith had already cut it up.

I'm not sure why it's called dragon fruit. Megan asked if it's because dragons eat it. After a little research, we learned that the real name of the fruit is pitaya. It is high in fiber, vitamin C and calcium.

Would we buy it again? Not as a snack, but maybe to blend into a fruit smoothie for a nutritional punch. I think it would be good with some frozen strawberries and orange juice. The kids all enjoyed their taste, but didn't ask for seconds!


Rachel H. said...

CRAZY!! I love trying out new things--but this one is DEFINITELY weird! :) Might have to try it if it comes out in our store though...have yet to see something like this!

Becca and Jason said...

I tried dragon fruit while I was in China (fruit w/skin = safe). I agree, no flavor at all, pretty much, but I did like the texture. I just kept expecting some kind of tang like a kiwi!

Stay safe down there - if it makes you feel better, we've got 45-ish mph winds here tonight and they aren't even naming the storm! :)

Zach and Beth said...

That's funny, the pitaya in Guatemala was fuscia on the inside. It was very flavorful as well - a little sweeter than a kiwi. I wonder if it was really something else, but that is what our guide called it.

Hope you are safe down there! We sure do miss you!