Monday, August 25, 2008

Batman uses the potty

Like most kids their age, our kids love to dress up. Usually no elaborate costumes are even needed. Megan (and sometimes Daniel, but don't tell Daddy) will often go into my closet and grab my shoes to wear around my room when I am getting dressed. Daniel really loves Megan's dress up stuff. I had previously attempted beginning to potty train Daniel with the thought that we would do the sticker chart and he would earn a new toy. But Daniel is an instant gratification kindof guy. While picking out some new t-shirts for big brother, we came to the Underoo's section. Remembering how much I loved to run around the house in my Wonder Woman Underoos (hey, it was the late 70's early 80's!), I offered to buy Daniel two sets of Underoos, but he has to keep them clean and dry. He chose Batman and Optimus Prime. I am happy to report that Batman has been doing a fantastic job of using the potty. I love him in these little boxer briefs, they are so easy to pull up/pull down for independently using the potty.
I haven't been brave enough to go diaperless overnight just yet. Our mornings are busy enough as it it without adding sheet changing to our morning routine. After 6 years of changing diapers, I'm thrilled to see that the end is near.

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Rachel H. said...

JEALOUS...the end of the tunnel? Already?


Congrats (and I am jealous)