Monday, August 25, 2008

Another OSC visit

Friday morning, Keith had an appointment for a CT scan of his abdomen. School was cancelled in our county because some of us were still without power and many of the roads still had some flooding. After Keith's CT scan, he called and suggested we drive to the Orlando Science Center since they have power and a covered parking garage. The roads weren't too bad, so off we went. All of the kids are really enjoying the Norman Rockwell exhibit. This is a traveling exhibit, so it will soon be replaced by something else. In the meantime, it's fun to watch the kids play with the props.

All of the engineers worked together so nicely at the train table. Joshua is wearing a shirt that he tie-dyed at GOAL camp this summer.
I'm not sure what Grandpa and Daniel are studying here, but they sure are cute together. Daniel is really funny lately. He's such a different little person when Megan and Joshua are at school.

After playing in the museum for a couple of hours, we met Grandma for lunch. Then we went back to the museum to watch a movie about the Mars Rovers in the Cinedome. I don't think Joshua blinked the entire time we were in there, he is really into space right now.

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