Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

Joshua is now 6 years old. He had a pretty full day today. He went to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon with Goal camp. Then we went out for pizza and presents. He was quite funny. I love how he is always excited about everything. He worked really hard to read all of his birthday cards with minimal assistance.
I think Megan only came along for the pizza. She's been a regular chow-hound lately. It must be all the extra calories she's burning re-arranging her dress-up clothes in her new room.
Joshua was pretty excited to get a new game for the Wii. Grandma and Grandpa bought Joshua Super Mario Party 8 - a game that we can all play together. Keith and Grandma went out for hours the other night trying to track down Mario Kart for the Wii. They were unsucessful in their journey.
Joshua also got a basketball for the hoop in front of our house. And a book - Where the Wild Things Are.
Daniel looked on from over in the corner munching away on his pizza. He was slightly disappointed that it wasn't his birthday.


Anonymous said...

I love that pic of Megan...and the look in Daniel's eyes that it's not his birthday - makes me a little sad! LOL.

Rachel H. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHUA! What a sweet, sweet boy!

Lostcheerio said...

Happy Birthday!

We can't seem to find Mario Kart either. The anticipation is intense!

The Little Wife said...

Happy birthday Joshua! Look at Megan's hair. It grew so fast. They all look adorable by the way.

Becca and Jason said...

A little late on this - but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Joshua!!!
Your old Kodiak neighbors are missing you, and wish we could be close enough to wish you happy birthday in person. Hope it was a wonderful day!!