Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It bears repeating...

Unpacking is going to take forever. It might be because the people who packed us (as grateful as I am for their help), pack in such an unusual way that nothing in any given box seems to be related. I'm finding holiday decorations from our garage mixed in with toys from the kids' rooms mixed in with clothes from the master bedroom with a few towels from the linen closet thrown in for good measure. These two have been helping me unpack. I came across them on their phones with their Santa hats on. I hope they are putting in a call to the big guy requesting money for college (or gas) instead of toys. It's becoming all too clear that there is no deficit on toys in our house.

I'm pretty certain they are mimicking me, since I've been glued to the phone between minor problems with the house and scheduling Keith's follow up with a more local network provider. Our home had an energy surge from lightening according to the power company, the electricians did not 100% agree with what the power company was telling us, so after a day of the two of them deciding how to fix the problem, a few days without electricity, and a small trench dug on the side of our house to rewire (and bring us up to code) - we now have electricity, and more importantly, air conditioning.

Here is a front shot of our house. Once the inside is presentable, we'll take more pictures.
Keith grinning on his motorcycle in front of the house. Don't worry, he wears his helmet and a protective jacket when he is really riding it.
Megan telling me a secret. (It was that Daddy was cleaning the pool.). We have "pool school" tomorrow - the pool guy is coming out to teach us how to keep our pool functioning most efficiently and safely.

Tonight we are off to have pizza to celebrate Joshua's 6th birthday.


Anonymous said...

Happy 6th to Josh!!

Rachel H. said...

lOOK at all those reasons to celebrate! A/C, motorcycles, clean pools, and birthday parties!! How exciting!