Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some cool stops along the way

Here are a few cool stops along the way from Kodiak, Alaska to Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Keith thought this was a cool picture of another green 4Runner driving through the mountains.
The most westernly community in Canada.

Keith tells me that Whitehorse was pretty cool. He brought home a t-shirt from the Harley dealership there. (I think it was the only clean article of clothing in the truck once he actually made it home!)
Keith tells me that Canada was absolutely beautiful. He was able to stop in and see some friends that live in Calgary; although he cut his visit short because he was anxious to get back on the road.


The Little Wife said...

Those mountains are amazing!

Candy said...

Good ol Alberta! He probably doesnt even realize all his relatives he has here too :) :)
Oh and in BC as well :)