Saturday, July 26, 2008

Unpacking is going to take forever

I'm convinced that it's going to take forever to unpack our house. The moving truck came and dropped off all of our stuff on Friday afternoon. We've only unpacked one or two boxes so far. We've all been busy working on small projects. In our cleaning frenzy, we keep noticing little things that make us smile. This is our doorbell. The original owners of our house were a Coast Guard family (as were the last owners), and installed this cute little fisherman doorbell. There was also a sweet little gnome hiding in some flowers in Megan's room, and she has now claimed him for her own.
Megan and Daniel spent most of Friday watching movies and creating artwork on boxes. The movers accidentally tore a box and out popped the toy electric guitar. Daniel was thrilled to finally be back jamming. This resulted in Megan constantly asking the movers, "do you have anything for me?" every time a box was brought into the house. Finally her play kitchen and pretend food was unwrapped and Megan was thrilled. Hopefully, their new (old) toys will keep them busy long enough to allow the rest of us to finish unpacking the house.

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The Little Wife said...

Oh, how cute. I love your kids. They are so adorably funny!