Thursday, July 24, 2008

Moving is a lot of work!

Today was another day full of cleaning, organizing and planning for where our stuff will go in the new house. Joshua stayed busy at GOAL camp and Megan and Daniel enjoyed their last day of hanging out in an empty house. Megan and Daniel enjoying lunch sitting on a cardboard box in the dining room. Then we went for a swim. Daniel is so cute in his life jacket. Joshua is getting to be quite brave in the pool. He can stand up in the shallow end, and he uses pool noodles to get around the pool with.
It was a busy day around the house. Keith rested this morning while I got some cleaning done with the little ones. We had a new washer and dryer delivered this morning. We also had some cabinetry and a counter top delivered today. The kids enjoyed playing with the large boxes, which I've set aside to use tomorrow to cover the floor when the movers bring our belongings in.
We still have a little bit of cleaning to take care of before we begin unpacking the house. Then the real fun begins! I think the kids are going to be thrilled to see their stuff again.


Mrs. Darling said...

What a bunch of work that must be. We havent moved in 25 years and I cant imagine we ever will. I just cant wait to see your new house. Goodness, you're in for a climate change, arent you? LOL

Candy said...

HI there
I HAD to leave a comment... I had just found Mrs. Darlings site and thru her site found yours. I came here because of your title.... Holloway is my maiden name!! Its not a common name here in Canada so it just surprised me so much to see it her in blogworld LOL
I wonder if we are related :) :) Wouldnt that be something! "I found my cousin thru blogging LOL" hahahaaa
My Holloway family (and I) are all from Newfoundland, Canada although Im living in another province n Canada right now. Our ancesters came from England. In Newfoudland Canada, our Holloway family is a large Christian family, very well known because of some of my relatives that were or are pastors (like my Dad). Im sure were probably related somewhere along the line wayyyy back :) So thought Id say HI :)

Your cousin, ha ha ha
Candy ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see final pics of your house - and their picnic on the box is too cute!