Thursday, July 3, 2008

Epcot Center

When we were in college, Keith and I had annual passes to Epcot Center. Keith would call me in my dorm room and invite me to a fancy dinner in Paris or a dangerous cruise in Norway. So for us, visiting Epcot wasn't new, but still plenty of fun! We had a great time being able to zip around the park without kids fussing or pushing a gigantic double-stroller. We were also able to ride rides that we would not have been able to enjoy together if we had brought the kids. We enjoyed Soarin', Test Track, The Land, Mission Space, and the giant ball ride (the name escapes me!) all before 11am. We walked on to every ride with no more than 10 minutes of waiting.

Then we walked through all the countries. We ate in Japan, since we wanted to eat somewhere that we had not eaten at yet. It was just okay, nothing spectacular. We walked through quite a few little shops and rode the boat ride in Norway.

We finished seeing everything that we wanted to see by around 1pm. By 2pm, we were napping by the pool back at our resort.

On approach to Epcot, the monorail circles the park telling riders the location of the most popular features.
The monorail approaching us. Between the monorail system and the buses, we never once moved our mini-van out of it's parking spot in the resort's garage.

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