Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back to MGM Sunday Night

We hung out at the bus stop for a while waiting for the next bus to MGM to try to catch the Lights, Motor, Action show since it wasn't raining. When we arrived at MGM, there were tons of Storm Troopers directing traffic, making room for Lightening McQueen and Mater.

Daniel was so delighted to see a picture with Mater and a Storm Trooper!
Keith and I actually stood in line for about 20 minutes to get a picture taken with the Cars.
Lightening McQueen was pretty loud, he kept reving his engines. It was funny to watch all the little kids getting their pictures taken - their hands were over their ears.
Keith and I ran into the Incredibles. Mrs. Incredible blew Keith a kiss - I thought for sure I was going to have to take her down, it's a good thing I've been going to the gym.
Handy Manny came over and gave me a high-five. It was Keith's turn to be jealous.
Then June came by.
We caught Handy Manny and June heading behind the building together. See, chicks dig guys that know how to fix things!

While walking around, we ran into more of the Little Einsteins.
We also saw Jojo and her pet lion.
And Goofy and Donald dressed as Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper.
Finally, we got to see part of the Lights, Motor, Action show. About 15 minutes into the show, lightening cracked overhead and since the storm was less than 5 miles away, the show was cancelled, again.

On our way back to our hotel, we stopped at the Contemporary Resort to check it out. Neither one of us can figure out why it is so crazy expensive to stay there. It is a cool building, though.
We ate dinner at the Polynesian Resort. It was quite yummy. On the walk back over to the Shades of Green, Keith said, "watch out for that alligator". I thought he was kidding, because he's a funny guy. But no, seriously, there was an alligator walking across the sidewalk about 2 feet ahead of us. I wish I had my camera ready!


Rachel H. said...

I am gonna have to bookmark this post--my kids LOVED looking at it! :)

jkwynn said...

I have to show this entry to Jay - I'VE SEEN THE ALLIGATOR TOO!!! He doesn't believe me, though. When I saw it, it was at the edge of the water, though. Looks like your trip was awesome, glad you guys had such a great time.