Friday, July 4, 2008

Getting out of vacation mode

These are a few pictures from the day we came home (Monday evening). All of the kids are really missing their own stuff since our belongings are in storage. Megan is mostly missing her dress up clothes. Keith and I brought her back a princess Jasmine outfit from our vacation. Megan also got a small Minnie Mouse and Daniel got a small Mickey Mouse and some Toy Story figurines. We bought Joshua a cool Star Wars Weekend t-shirt.
Buying a house is a full-time job. We had the inspection the other day which went very well. Coordinating the arrival of our house-hold goods and coordinating a time when Keith can be around for the move-in might prove to be a bit on the difficult side. It'll all find a way of working itself out.
We are in need of a new outdoor grill. Keith and I brought the kids to Lowes to check out sizes and prices for grills. Daniel got a little distracted by the tractors (lawnmowers). No, we didn't buy one (or anything).

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