Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We joined a gym!

This morning we woke up and set out to obtain a gym membership. It's just too hot to attempt to run outside. So after a recommendation to check out Lifestyle Fitness, the kids and I were very satisfied. They have a fantastic area for the kids to play in while I work out. I took a tour of the facility today and scheduled 3 upcoming appointments with one of the personal trainers. The kids were starving by the time we got out of the gym, and it was going to take us a little while to get home, so we pulled into Chick-fil-a for some chickens and fruit.

I'll plan our outings better in the future. It just doesn't seem right to leave the gym and then eat fast food! Of course, my kids don't really eat that much junk. We've been laughing all week about the kids. Grandpa had some Oreo cookies in the pantry, so I slipped one cookie on each of the kids' plates at lunch time a couple of days ago. None of them knew what it was. That's right, I have a nearly 6 year old that had no idea what an Oreo cookie was.

Another good giggle is the conversation in the minivan earlier today. We were stopped at a redlight and there was a Taco Bell off to the side.

Megan: Oh, Mom, a Christmas store -there's a big bell!!
Joshua: Umm, it says Taco Bell on the sign, is it a Christmas store with tacos to eat?


Rachel H. said...

HOORAY!! As for your no-oreo/Taco Bell stuff....um....please don't read my post from last night. I am sure your kids haven't seen that junk either! I sure feel like a bad mom!!

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Good from you on the oreo front. Those things are evil!

Mrs. Darling said...

The kids conversation over Taco bell is hilarious! Good job with the Oreos!

We are shivering in 50 degree weather out here. Now they tell us that in two days we will be in the 90's! Insane!

Anonymous said...

Psh...Chick Fil A is healthy fast food ;)