Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lunch at the Academy

It started off as a beautiful morning. The weather was slightly cool at about 75 degrees. Grandma made some yummy pancakes with a very savory fruit topping. After breakfast, the kids and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. Joshua picked up a leaf from a tree to bring home to identify the tree in our nature book. We also saw a bird in one of the neighbor's yards that we looked up in our nature book to identify as well. While we were looking things up in the nature book, Grandma came out with some cool objects. She really knows how to draw a crowd. She showed the kids some sharks teeth and some sand dollars.
The sand dollars and sharks teeth can be found more on the West coast of the state. Someday we'll bring the kids there to collect shells.
Then we had a running incident that got Joshua in big trouble. I think it's been so exciting lately - the whole process of staying in the guest house, then traveling, and now staying with Grandma and Grandpa, that the rules become a little fuzzy. Joshua helped me to write out the rules so that we could post them on the refrigerator.
Pretty much we only have 4 big rules: No Running, No Jumping and No Yelling - those are inside rules. Inside rules are applied everywhere that is considered inside (duh!), but for clarity for the kids, this means shopping stores, the house, church, the minivan (no yelling in the van). Mind you, these guys spend hours outside and I remind them that outside is the place for running and jumping and reasonable yelling. Our final rule applies all the time: Respect each other. This basically covers a million of other little rules - keep your hands to yourself, no namecalling, help each other, share toys, stop bickering, etc.
Then we went out to Forest Lake Academy for lunch with the student workers that Grandpa works with. The Academy was cramped for space because of camp meeting weekend, so our reserved room for lunch happened to be the high school's library. Joshua enjoyed looking at some books in the library.
We had a delicious lunch. Daniel insisted on using the potty about 6 times while we were there. And each time he eeked out a dribble of pee and was so proud of himself. He's pretty much potty training himself, but it has turned into a giant game. Usually he only needs to pee if he's just been tucked into bed, or if I've just sat down to eat something.
Joshua had a blast with the student workers. Grandpa let Joshua put his little hand in with the group while they did their prayer and then their cheer. Joshua was so excited to be in the middle of such enthusiasm. He was also quite the little show-off today speaking Spanish to a few of the girls. They were just eating him up. It was a good time of positive attention for him, and he really enjoyed himself.
After dinner, we drove out to Super-Target to pick up a few things. On the way back, we drove right beside a thunderstorm. The kids enjoyed watching the lightening from a distance. We didn't get any of the thunder or lightening in our part of town, but we did get some good healthy rain.

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