Friday, May 23, 2008

From the archives: Crab Festival 2006

I talked with Keith tonight and he told me about all the yummy carnival food he ate at the Kodiak Crab Festival today. The kids really loved going to Crab Fest and all the fun activities surrounding it.

When we moved to Kodiak, we arrived the week after Crab Fest. The next year, Megan was nearly 6 weeks old and the weather was pouring raining. Keith and I braved the typical Kodiak weather to check out the sites with Megan snug in the frontpack on Keith's chest and Joshua (about 20 months old) snuggled in the stroller protected from the sideways blowing rain.

We had the most fun at Crab Fest in 2006. The weather was amazing the entire weekend. Joshua was just a few months away from being 4 years old. Megan had just turned 2 two months before Crab Fest and Daniel was about 6 months old. Keith had duty, but I braved taking the kids to the parade and the other Crab Fest activities. In the picture above, the big kids are hugging each other with their (overpriced) prizes that they won from the game I let them play. Keith isn't that crazy about the carnival-type atmosphere. As for me, when I smell the funnel cakes and see the flashing lights from the little kiddie rides, it makes me think of riding the amusement rides at Salisbury Beach when I was younger.

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