Sunday, May 18, 2008

Struggling to stay awake

Last night the next door neighbors had a rockin' party. Bummer we weren't invited. Bigger bummer that the kids were up off and on for the duration of the party. Everyone woke up for the day sometime around 7:30am. Grandma took us to First Watch for breakfast. We'll definitely be back to eat there again! I'd recommend it for anyone that is looking for a healthy and filling breakfast. The kids all chose the fresh fruit filled crepes. At under $3.50 they had the perfect sized little crepe stuffed and overflowing with fresh fruit, served with a side of home made granola and organic yogurt. I usually struggle with the lack of healthy foods on most kids menus. This little crew nearly came unglued when they saw their yummy breakfast! They were members of the clean plate club this morning. My breakfast was yummy, too. I had a fruit, nut, granola and yogurt mixture with a small poppy seed lemon muffin.

After breakfast, Grandma showed me where Economy Foods is. I popped in to grab the kids new multivitamins. In Kodiak, the water did not have fluoride in it, so they took multivitamins with fluoride. Here they just need regular multivitamins without fluoride.

Then we took the kids to Publix to grab some groceries. Joshua helped hold the list, while Daniel, Megan and I played "I Spy" to pass the time. It's actually enjoyable to go to the grocery store with the kids when my only job is to push the cart!

We were back at the house by 10:30am. Daniel was trying to fall asleep in the car, and both of the other two looked exhausted as well. We decided to have some down time, and chill out inside with our pillows and blankies watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Daniel managed to take about a 25 minute nap during the movie.

After lunch, we played outside for a couple of hours. Grandma brought out an over sized plastic horseshoe game as well as a large rolling tube.
The boys had a great time playing horseshoes.
Megan braced herself ready for a ride in the rolling tube...
and then she fell on her face. She cracked up laughing thinking it was the funniest thing ever!
Joshua figured it out. He crawled like a gerbil in a wheel and was able to get across the lawn.
Daniel got in on the action. However, he's inherited his mother's control freak gene, so once the wheel proved to be unstable, he wanted out.

We also played with some water toys, getting all of us soaked. Even Mommy and Grandma got in on the action. By around 3:30pm we came inside to put on dry clothes. I put everyone in their jammies and began counting the minutes until I could put them to bed. They were yawning and heads were bobbing. I would have tried a nap, but the last time Megan and Joshua napped during the day, they had a really hard time going to sleep on time at night.

We picked up some craft supplies last week. One of the crafts the kids picked out was treasure boxes. With them all in the same room, Joshua has been getting his feelings hurt when his little brother touches his special trinkets. They decorated their treasure boxes while we waited for a pizza to be delivered.
After dinner, we played Chutes and Ladders, Trouble, Candy Land, Caribou, and a Duck game. The last two are Cranium games.
Finally, I couldn't fight the sleepies anymore. We started brushing teeth and reading stories at 6:45pm. It's now about 8pm and they are all sound asleep.


Mrs. Darling said...

Goodness Id be tired too after a day like that. Thanks for the comment on my diet blog. This is such a long journey. Im going to need your support, I already know that! Thanks for being there.

The Little Wife said...

So, the kids (and you) must feel like you are always on vacation now. You all are having way too much fun down there! ;)