Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New shoes for (almost) everyone

Daniel needed some sneakers and both boys needed some church shoes. This meant a trip to the mall to get their feet measured correctly and fit them for some cute shoes. To get to the shoe store we had to walk past Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister. Megan wanted to know why there were "neekid" boys on the wall in those stores. I guess we won't be going back into that wing of the mall ever again. The kids were fascinated by the water fountain. I gave them each a penny to throw in the fountain.
After our fun shoe shopping trip, we visited Grandma at work. She took us to Panera Bread for lunch. This Panera was located in the super-trendy area of downtown Winter Park near Rollins College. I definitely plan on going back when it's not so hot outside to walk around and check out all the funky shops and tour the train station with the kids.
Daniel thoroughly enjoyed his meal. He's never had yogurt out of a tube before and he was determined to get every last bit.

After we dropped Grandma back off at the office, we went to Sanlando Park. Sanlando Park is actually a huge 40 acre park that has hiking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and tennis courts among other things. It's close enough to Grandma and Grandpa's house to ride our bikes there (once mine gets here with the bike trailer).
One thing I love about Sanlando Park is that it is never crowded. There was only one other family at this park today. It's also shaded by some beautiful trees.
There has been so much bickering between the kiddos lately (I'm sure it's their way of working through the stress of all the changes). It was great to see them playing together today. They were pretending they were in jail and that they had to escape.

She gets cuter every single day. And she has quite the personality. She's emphatic, but not sassy, and it's very humorous.
They really liked the snake balance beam. It challenged them quite a bit. Even Daniel went across it, but he had to hold one of my hands.
After dinner, Grandma and Grandpa (which means probably just Grandma!) bathed the kids and put them to bed while I ran out by myself. I went to the local Outdoor Country store in search for some Sigg water bottles for the kids, but they didn't have any cool looking ones, just boring plain colors, so I may need to order them off the internet. Then I went to a sports store and bought a new pair of running shoes for the gym. The kids and I are checking out a great gym next week.


Rachel H. said...

I just love all the new places you guys are finding! I bet your kids are in HEAVEN!!

We have a panera bread here, but I haven't ever eaten there. Might just have to take the plunge now! :)

And yeah for the MALL!! I am glad you are getting out and about shopping!! I agree that there are certainly things that should be left out of mall windows...what I don't understand is why in SEVERAL MALLS around here, the kiddie place is RIGHT BY VICTORIA SECRET! HELLO!?!?!

Mrs. Darling said...

Looks like a fun day.

You've reminded me that I need to buy shoes for Peter both sunday and play shoes! That boy goes through shoes so fast!

Mrs. Darling said...

Hey you didnt weigh in!

Lisa said...

Looks like you've all been really having fun, lots of lovely places to go to.

The Day family of 4 said...

Sage is looking at your page and said: "oooo, can I go there?" I explained that Megan, Josh and Daniel moved to Florida, she then said "Well, can I go to Florida?" I guess she thinks it looks more appealing than the rain outside. Imagine that. It looks like you guys are really enjoying yourselves. Know that there are those of us very far away thinking of you and your family.
Have a blessed day,
Clarissa (&Sage)

Anonymous said...

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