Monday, May 19, 2008

Big Girl Haircut

Last night was rough. Joshua and Megan are sleeping in bunkbeds. The upper bunk where Joshua sleeps is a twin size bed. The lower bunk is a full size bed. The kids are getting over runny noses and have been pretty phlemy. After being in bed for a couple of hours, Joshua was coughing and triggered his gag reflex. He vomited over the side of his bed...onto his sister. Megan couldn't figure out what had happened. She kept crying and saying that she was wet. Once I got her out of the dark room and into the bathroom, I figured it out. Daniel was fortunate to sleep right through the chaos. I left the mess for the morning and put Joshua in my bed, and Megan on the loveseat. I slept on the couch, since Joshua grinds his teeth and I cannot sleep in the same room as him.

By mid-morning, everyone was feeling better and ready to get out. We went shopping for a few things. Near the store was a kiddy hair cut place. Megan has been way overdue for a haircut, so it seemed like a good time to stop in.
The boys were happy to play while Megan got her haircut.
Megan had a great time. She watched Barbie Swan Lake and kept perfectly still.
The lady that cut her hair just adored Megan. They chatted away about ballet the whole time.
Daniel had a great time playing trains. He said, "Look Mom, my train table".


Amber said...

I love that we can see Mom in one of those pics. What a big girl!

The Little Wife said...

How fun!

Lisa said...

I have never ever seen a hair dressers like that - what a great idea to keep the kids still!