Thursday, May 1, 2008

A good-bye dinner

The Koehler and Dorval family hosted us for a good-bye dinner last night. Thanks guys, the dinner (and resulting show!) was fantastic. Joshua was so excited to play the new Wii racing game.
Daniel enjoyed checking out the crab when it was in the pot before it was cooked. However, he looked a little concerned once the crab was placed on the table. Dinner was delicious, and very filling.
Keith has been trying to snap pictures of me and the kids to keep on his cell phone for while we are all apart. He was showing Daniel the pictures. Daniel gets pretty excited to see pictures of me in Keith's phone.
Between the three different cameras, there are probably about 50 shots of us three ladies. Out of the pictures that I have, this one is the least scary looking. I do have a really good one of Becca cracking up, however, since I haven't actually left the island yet, and I do value my safety, I will refrain from putting it on the blog.


Becca and Jason said...

Oh, I can't wait to see that picture! I can't even imagine how bad it might look with the guys telling us to "work it" and snapping away! Keith was killin' me!

It was great to have a last cul-de-sac dinner with you guys! We're going to miss you a ton!!!!


Amber said...

Seriously - 3 of my favorite women in the whole wide world!!! Why couldn't I have been there? ;)

Looks like you guys had a blast!

Anonymous said...

You all are beautiful! :)

Zach and Beth said...

I had a great time! Too bad Zach had to take off early to get the kids to bed, but welcome to parenthood, huh? We will miss you guys so much!