Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Basket Ball and Bubbles

I think we have finally gotten past the bad sleep phase. Daniel has been going down like a champ now. Infact, tonight we settled in for a quiet movie for some down time and he fell asleep against my side about 15 minutes into the movie. Actually all three of them were beat and and when I carried Daniel off to his bed, Joshua asked if he could go to bed, too. It's been so long since we've seen sunshine that we might be overdoing it! Joshua and Grandpa played some basket ball this morning around 10am before it got too hot.
I had to smile to myself that I'm sure it seemed like just yesterday when Keith was this small. Megan and Daniel played bubbles in the shade in the driveway.

Daniel napped for about 45 minutes today. During that time, Joshua really focused and got quite a bit of school work done. We've restructured the remaining lessons. Today he focused on telling time and counting money.

After Daniel woke up, we packed a snack and walked to Westmonte Park again. I guess not many people go to the park to play when it's 90 degrees out because we were the only people there for a while. It was much cooler in the shade, but the walk to and from the park was sweltering!

The weather generally gets uncomfortably hot this time of year, and so we are searching for some indoor things to do.

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Rachel H. said...

You make me laugh!! I am so used to your posts about it being TOO COLD, and now they are about it being too HOT! :) You definitely moved from the extremes!! :)