Monday, May 12, 2008

Checking out the library

Today was another fantastic day. The kids and I went to the Wekiva branch of the Seminole County Public Library. In December of 2006 we went to a fantastic story-hour at this library while we were on vacation. I was hoping the story-hour was happening today, but it is on hold for the next two weeks. No worries, we had our own story-hour. Joshua picked out 5 books for me to read. One of them was a short children's story in Spanish that he thought he would trick me with, but we read it together - me reading the words and him telling me what the story is about according to the pictures.
Megan and Daniel enjoyed the coloring table.
After the library, we went to one of the many parks in the Wekiva area.
At one point I had all three kids on the tire swing together and they were squealing with delight. It was so funny!
Daniel has a serious case of monkey-see monkey-do. He does everything he sees his big brother doing.
Megan's favorite part of the park was the telephone. We had a great time speaking messages to each other from across the park.
On the way out of Wekiva, we were stuck in traffic behind a snapping turtle. The kids were so excited to see a turtle walking down the road. These guys get so excited about everything, it's so much fun.


The Day family of 4 said...

Busy, busy, busy... it looks like so much fun! We've got, rain, rain, oh and more rain.... next time Josh is saying it's too hot, just ask him if he wants to join us in the cold windy rain. No, I'm only joking.... it looks like you guys are having a fantastic time. I can't wait to be in NC.... sun sun sun!

Rachel H. said...

WOWOWOW! You guys are definitely on the roll! Do you ever just fall into bed at night?!?! :) I would!