Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy Week

My week was very busy. The kids' week was basically the same as all the rest - going to the park, packing picnics, riding bikes, sidewalk chalk, etc. I've had a bit of an impatient week. I'm get very anxious when I've done all I can do and now I have to wait. I'm waiting on my Florida nursing license so that I can properly negotiate a job. I'm waiting on a notarized copy of Megan's birth certificate so that I can finish registering the kids in school. I'm waiting on authorization from Tricare so that the kids can get in with their new doctor for their school physicals. We would have done physicals before we left Kodiak, but the school wants them done on a specific form that was not on their website until just recently. Waiting, waiting, waiting. One one level, I'm really okay with it. I know it will all fall into place eventually. On the other hand, I feel a slight level of guilt for having less than 1,000 things to do every day. I'm so used to barely having time to breathe every day, now all this spare time is killing me. So for now, I will enjoy going to the park, and picnicking and all of our other fun things. The kids are at the window waiting on Grandma to get home. Last night once Grandma got off of work, we all went over to the McCoy's house for dinner. Their daughter, Lauren was so gracious in allowing the kids to play with some of her toys from when she was younger. Joshua has been battling a cough (once again the Tricare authorization would be handy, it's not an emergency, but I'd like to check in with the new doctor and get a new perspective on this chronic coughing), and was very weepy. I am mortified when we bring the kids out to dinner and they don't eat. Usually they are fantastic eaters, but there was a lot going on last night. Daniel ate pretty good last night, so he shared some dessert with Grandpa. We've also been at the gym 3 days this week. I'm very happy with the gym I chose. I've really enjoyed working out with a personal trainer. He's encouraged me to try things that I would ordinarily be too intimidated to attempt. Today is my last training session with him, and I feel confident now that I can walk into the gym next week and actually work out on my own doing an effective work-out.

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Sarahbear said...

Girl, I am so proud of you. What a woman you are. I know that all these things are going to fall into place fro you. Try to enjoy the little time you have left as stay at home mama. :) I am praying for you sweety. Stay strong!!

Sarah H.