Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pack Out - Day One

The packers did an amazing job on Tuesday. It was a group of 6 men and 1 young woman. The young lady packed Megan's bedroom and the boys' bedroom in the same time it took 3 guys to pack the garage. Knowing that our belongings were going to be in storage, the guys were taking extra precautions with crating some of our heavier/more expensive items - which happened to be Keith's tools. I'm so lucky to be married to such a handy guy, but he has quite a bit of tools and tool boxes.
I am so glad that the packers were in charge of packing and that I didn't have to do it! However, unpacking on the other end is going to be quite the chore. They wrap EVERYTHING in paper before putting it in boxes. The young man that was packing our kitchen was so kind and being so thorough. But at one point I had to tell him I was going to take his stack of wrapping paper away from him if I caught him wrapping up another plastic dish. The kids have quite a few melamine dishes (you know, the Elmo, Blues Clues, Disney plastic-like plates), and this poor guy was wrapping each of them individually so that they won't break. I assured him that they will not break and to please just toss them in a box. I begged them to let me help them pack, but it's against their company's policy. So all I could do was wonder around the house watching.
Day one went great.

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