Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bits of this and that

Here's a shot of me and the kids. I got my hair cut last week and Keith has been after me about not posting an updated picture of myself. Basically it's just like the picture to the right with me and Joshua and the back is a little stacked. Joshua said, "you look beautiful like Miss Becca now". Awwww...he's so sweet.

I had my first meeting with the personal trainer on Friday. My trainer is a nice guy. Not nice enough to sugar coat anything, though. My weight is great for my height, my BMI is great, my resting heartrate is 64, my blood pressure is 106/60. He tested my cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength and I scored "very fit" in both areas. All that sounds great, until we tested my percentage of body fat. Yikes, 31% of my body is fat. Ewww. But it explains why the actual physical shape of my body doesn't look like it represents the number on the scale. With the trainer's help, I had to set a few long and short term goals. The short term goals were easy - basically, I want to put on a swim suit and not shriek in horror, so the measurable aspect of that goal is to get my body fat percentage down to 26%. For long term goals - I really miss running. I like the solitude of running by myself. I probably haven't gone for a really good long run since before I moved away from home to go to college. So for a long term goal - the trainer is going to help me get on a training schedule to run the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon next March.

The kids and I went to a great program at the church tonight. Instead of a traditional week-long Vacation Bible School, the church is going with monthly Family Bible Adventure Nights. Daniel has been sniffling all day, so I only took Megan and Joshua. They had a blast singing, doing crafts, having snacks and playing games. One of the games was a horse drawn carriage race and I had to race around the church parking lot pulling Megan in a wagon. It was great to watch her laughing behind me. The night finished up with a great puppet show. We'll be back for next month's program.


Becca and Jason said...

What a great pic of you guys! And your hair looks fabulous! (and familiar!) Ah, the luxury of a REAL haircut!
Miss you guys!

Lisa said...

You guys look like you're all having such a great time. Fab haircut and lovey pic of you all!

The Little Wife said...

What a cute photo of all of you! That half marathon sounds so cool.