Sunday, January 27, 2008

A week of birthdays!

Our little friend, Emma, had her 2nd birthday party this weekend. Even though all three kids were welcomed to come, I decided to just bring Daniel. I think it's to hard for the party-hostess to have to worry about providing things for different aged kids. Each of us moms brought one or two large toys and we threw them all in the center of the room and the kids just went wild playing. Daniel became rather fond of the sit and spin toy. I was thrilled that the food was very toddler friendly. Daniel ate his weight worth of fresh fruit.

As we were coming home from the party, I was thinking to myself that there was an aweful lot of snow out there on the Coast Guard base. In town, we had nothing, maybe an icy patch or two, but for the most part our yard had no snow in it. And then the radio announced that we would be seeing 6 inches of snow this weekend. So after the kids went to bed, I made a run to Safeway and stocked up on some stuff to carry us through the next few days. Sure enough, right now it is really coming down out there. That's fine with me, since I have serious cleaning and packing to do. I packed away 1/2 of the toys and books from the boys' room, and took all the pictures off their walls. Then I vaccumed the heating unit and scrubbed every inch of their room. That's one room finished - a half a dozen or so more to go!
Here are a few shots from down by the Lake Louise housing area. I love my house and the privacy we have off base. But I also miss being within walking distance to a few special friends out that way.

Rezanof Drive, the one road from town to the Coast Guard base. Notice the lack of cars and street lights? I'll be missing that in a few months!

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