Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Joshua's got a job!

Joshua was hired tonight to collect the mail and newspaper for our neighbors while they are off the island. Joshua is such a cheerful helper. He actually agreed to help out before he even knew what the task was. He's very excited and asked me to write it on the calendar so he doesn't forget.

But my favorite part of the conversation was this one...
Joshua: Hey, Jason, you wanna hear me count to 900?
Jason: (trying hard not to laugh) umm, errr, ummm
Joshua: I can do it really fast!
Jason: Hmmm, maybe another time, okay?
Joshua: okay.

As Joshua's getting into bed: Mom, I'll need to practice counting to 900 for when Jason comes back in two weeks.
Me: Okay, Daddy can help you with that tomorrow. :)



Way to go Joshua! Good luck with the job.

Becca and Jason said...

Oh, how sad am I that I was busy fighting with my MP3 player and missed that conversation!! Priceless!