Monday, January 28, 2008

This week's review

Just a quick note to review this past week's progress.

Math - Joshua began learning about subtraction this week.

Phonics/vocabulary - Joshua learned about positioning words (in, on, under) and using the letter "a" as a word.

Science - The science curriculum is discussing seasons right now. But the worksheets are just coloring pages of a winter, spring, summer and fall scene. Joshua is not much of a colorer. So instead we talk about the day's weather.

Art - We looked at paintings by Mary Cassatt. And then compared them to all the other paintings we've been studying.

Geography - We learned all about the state of Alaska.

Biography - Continueing our study of the presidents, Joshua studied Thomas Jefferson this week. He also learned all about nickels. We even learned how to tell which mint the nickel was made in.


Mrs. Darling said...

Sounds like some good stuff is going on there! Way to go.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

How hard was it to get into homeschooling? I was always at public school and have just assumed that I would send my kids as well, but then I start reading all these blogs about homeschooling families and it sounds like "fun" sometimes. Is it really? Or is it a tremendous amount of work for you? I just can't imagine being organized enough to keep the house and teach the kids and have a few moments to myself (like a shower...).

Ok, I know that was a lot to ask in one small comment, especially since we just met, but I thought you an appropriate person to ask... :)

Thanks for your suggestions. If you'd like to respond, you can email me at

missbecky75 at yahoo dot com

Thanks so much!