Sunday, January 6, 2008

A (mostly) inside day today...brrrrrr....

Megan woke up this morning complaining that her tummy hurt. So I started my day sharing a warm cup of tea with Megan snuggling on the couch. I ended up losing track of time and realized it was Saturday at about 9:45am. There was no way I could be dressed and to spinning on time, so sadly, I missed out on my one standard weekly "me" activity.

Keith and I have really seen a change in Joshua since it's been dark, cold, windy and just plain yucky outside. Joshua just seems to have this glazed-over look, like he never truely wakes up all day. I've been tempted to share my coffee with him (just kidding). Keith and I decided that no matter what the weather looks like, we'll offer Josh the chance to go out and play in the back yard for as long as he wants. However, the smaller two kids don't go out in the whipping winds and sub-freezing temperatures. Mostly because the little two get cold, so they stand still and then get colder. Joshua moves non-stop, so he never really gets cold. So Joshua chose to go out to play for about 45 minutes today in the windy 23 degree weather.

Joshua came inside and joined the other kids up at the table, where we had some serious creative juices flowing with the help of our new play-doh (another great Christmas present).
Daniel is working on rolling out a snake.
Daniel is learning how to use his play-doh scissors.

Joshua created little tables and chairs.

Megan's long purple snakes. We used her snakes to make letters and spell out her name. Incidently, she decided to dress herself this morning by putting on a clean pair of pajamas and a Thanksgiving hair-pretty.
After nap-time, we had yummy snacks and then turned the livingroom into a race track for the remote control cars. Keith was extreemely patient teaching the littler two how to drive the cars. He knew I was sad that I didn't make it out of the house this morning, so he was trying to occupy the kids so I could get some other things done.

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Mrs. Darling said...

I love the concentration on Daniels face!!! I wish my kids took learning that seriously! LOL