Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An Adventure

Today was a busy day. Keith got called into work last night, so this morning it was just me and the kids. I try to get up an hour or so before them for some quiet time, exercise and a shower. This morning, the boys woke up earlier than usual. I told them to go back to their room and play quietly until I get them at 7:30am. Off they went back down the hallway. Thirty minutes later, when I opened the door, I found them playing nicely together with the Lincoln Logs.
After lunch, while the little two napped, Joshua and I ran some errands. Since it was such a beautiful day, we grabbed a snack and went down to the dock to watch the boats when we were done running around town.

This is the bear that used to be in front of the Harbormaster's building. Since Joshua is about to finish his unit on paintings and enter into some 3-D artwork (sculptures, mobiles), we decided to stop and study it for a bit.

It was unusually warm today, nearly 40 degrees. Keith and I laughed and remembered that it was a nice warm sunny day like this in March of 2005 when we decided to buy our house. Hopefully the sunshine will be on our side when we put the house up for sale soon.

There were quite a few eagles out today. Joshua was watching them fly around near the ferry terminal.
We picked up a package from Grandma and Grandpa today. The kids all love their pens. I don't know what was more entertaining - the glowing bracelets, or Megan's jokes to Grandpa.


The Day family of 4 said...

Your kids are so sweet. I can't wait till I can tell Brody to go back in his room till I come get him. Now when he wakes up I set him on the floor in our room and he bangs on the door cuz he wants to go play in the potty (yes I have had this happen). Boys! I hope your house sales quickly and simply, I know how stressful that is. Yuck! I'll keep you guys in my prayers... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Maybe we'll see you at Bible study on Friday am. It's great.

Mrs. Darling said...

I love entries like this depciting the actvities of the day. That little boy is sur studying the top of his pencil or is it a paint brush. I didnt pay much attention so absorbed was I in his expression. LOL

Did that horse and rider come with a set of Lincoln Logs or is it just another toy. Peter would love a horse like that.