Sunday, December 18, 2011

Teacher's Gifts - Done!

Today we worked on the teachers' gifts for school. Having a child in kindergarten, second grade and third grade means that I needed 3 classroom teacher gifts. But what about all of awesome LAMP teachers?

Life skills
Physical Education

So, in the end, we decided to put together 10 gift bags to bring to school. Megan and I formed an assembly line around the dining room table. (Why yes, that is a pile of laundry behind Megan that's nearly as tall as she is.)

We had two different projects going on. One project was adorable popcorn snowmen, inspired by a really cute blog Shakespear's Stage. These snowmen came out so cute - some are for the teachers and some are for the neighbors.

The other project was the snack gift bags for the teachers. They each had 2 hot cocoa packets, a pack of dried fruits/nuts from Target, a few Dove chocolates (milk chocolate and dark chocolate), and some peppermint patties. The 3 classroom teachers each also had a nice gift card enclosed. The bag is tied to a snowman popcorn along with a personalized note for each person.

For the teachers, we wrote out their last name and used the letters to write words that describe the teachers.

For the LAMP teachers, I started an open-ended sentence for the kids to finish. I covered the first kids' answer so that each of the other children think about the sentence and finish it with their own thoughts. They came out so cute. Apparently, there must be a game called "chicken and fish" during PE, because the kids all included that on their PE card. I think it's important for the teachers to know what a huge impact they have in the children's lives. It's really cool to ask the kids to regurgitate what they learned, or what they liked, or why they enjoy going to a certain class. I sure hope the teachers like the feedback from the kids, it's just as sweet as the treats!

Wednesday is our last day of school before we are out for Christmas break. The kids are so excited to give out their gifts!

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