Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve (eve) 2011

You would think after living 10 years of the Semper Gumby scheduling of the Coast Guard, we'd be used to creating Christmas traditions on days other than December 25th. Funny how now that Keith's parted ways with the Coast Guard, we're still struggling with trying to infuses some normalcy into the holidays. This time it's my schedule that's throwing us for a loop. I'm working Christmas day, which means I'll be gone from 0615-1945. That's my usual work time - first one out the door before everyone is awake, and I'm usually walking back in the door as kids are brushing their teeth and climbing into bed. It's not always ideal, but it's only 3 days a week, so the 4 days a week off work are so, so worth the 3 long days. Anyhow, we moved our Christmas lunch to Christmas Eve, which makes tonight our Christmas Eve. And just for confusion, the kids woke up to filled Christmas stockings this morning.

Bananagrams! So fun! The kids had a blast digging into their stockings and thoroughly investigating every item.
Megan putting her new ornament on the tree.

Our in the playroom, Megan worked on a paint-by-number Tinkerbell painting. While Daniel and I went to Publix (which was absolutely crazy) and Fresh Market (which wasn't as busy as I thought it would be).
When I came home to unpack groceries, these headless erasers were waiting to greet me at the table.

Each of the kids got an awesome color changing cup from the Science Center inside their stocking. Daniel got a fun straw construction set, which he is here sharing with his brother and sister.

Daniel is really wanting to believe that Santa is coming to our house. Now, we've already talked about this and we watched the Veggie Tale movie about the history of Santa Claus as well as read stories about the "spirit of Santa", etc, etc. Tonight, he tells me that since we are celebrating Christmas tomorrow, we should let Santa know. He asked to spread his reindeer food on the lawn (he made this is school this week), so that Rudolph will know that we are ready for him. Hmmm...I was a little confused, but I pulled out the reindeer food.

And there he is fresh from the tub, outside sprinkling the oatmeal/glitter concoction on the lawn. We'll see if Santa makes an appearance tonight!

I got these awesome lollypops at Ross. They are so yummy and have no artificial dyes in them. Yay! Also, while I was there this week, I scored some adorable pillow cases for $1.99. Because the kids really liked the pillows I gave the cousins for Christmas, I whipped up some of those tonight.

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Rachel Holloway said...

So IS Santa going to make an appearance? It's a cliffhanger! :) So sad you have to work Christmas day--even if it ends up being worth it the rest of the week. I love that you found a way to confuse the kiddos (I love that part of being a mom...changing things up sometimes!) :) And where on earth did you get the straw set?! My kids would go NUTS over it!