Monday, December 12, 2011

Bug Exhibit at the Science Museum

Sunday morning, we played some board games in our PJs for a couple of hours after breakfast. Even Pepper got into the playful spirit with the usual attacking of the carpet in the front hallway.
The weather was getting rainy, so we decided to venture down to the Science Museum to check out the holiday laser light show. We got there in time to watch the electricity show with the large tesla coils.

After the show, the scientist stayed behind and answered a bunch of questions from us about humidity and electricity in the air. She was so wonderful. Still having about an hour before the light show, we went to race cars.

Megan and Daddy lining up their cars....and they're off!

Then we moved onto the driving simulator game. All that Wii Mario Kart is really paying off, the kids drove like champs.
Daniel was able to drive this time, since he can reach the gas. Last year, he could only watch, so this was hugely exciting for him!

Over in the bug exhibit, I showed Megan why we can't eat anywhere but the kitchen - bugs, bugs, bugs. The roaches gave me the heebie-jeebies.

There was a screen with butterflies flying, and when you stood still, the butterflies sat on you. So interesting.

Down on the first floor, we always check out the reptiles.

Standing in line to see the laser show, one of the guys from the gift shop came around with flying balloons. Clever marketing, as we were sucked into paying $10 for rocket balloons - and we've gotten our money's worth - they are so fun!

The laser show was cute. And the kids had a great time.

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