Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's the most yummiest time of the year!

This time of year is so much fun! We've been a little non-stop, but it's been so worth it! This is such a fun time of the year to spend with our friends and family.

Last week was the annual Adventurers Christmas party. Just like last year there were games, songs, snacks and crafts. The kids all had a blast.

Daniel especially liked the cookies and cocoa part of the night. He shared 2 of his 4 cookies with me, so sweet!
There's Daniel, right up front watching Pastor Barb.

Joshua went out tonight with some of the high school students that Grandpa works with. The plan was for him to go go-carting, but unfortunately the cast was a problem and he wasn't able to participate. Grandma picked him up and spent some time with him instead. In the mean time, it was spirit-day at Chick-Fil-A today, which means that CFA partnered up with Forest City Elementary to donate a percentage of tonight's profits to the school. The CFA cow visited the kids today and all of the kids were pretty excited about it.

Keith and I took the remaining two kids to CFA, and it was packed! Daniel and I sat at one table and Keith and Megan sat at another.
The kids handed in their Box Tops for a chance to spin the big wheel.

It was so fun! Yummy food, and great company....what more can I ask for? Except maybe this sign for my driveway...
We are almost finished with the last few Christmas projects we are making for presents. Fortunately, I've got a clump of days off and can hopefully get all of the remaining projects completed and wrapped. I've been taking pictures, but can't post them until after the holidays are over, and the recipients have opened their gifts.

Our trusty artificial tree fits perfectly in our livingroom. Because we don't really do Santa (but don't worry, our kids know not to say anything) - the presents are put under the tree as they are wrapped. Because I have to work on Christmas morning this year, we are still trying to figure out when to sit around the tree exchanging gifts.

Every year we try to look for a fun way to count down to Christmas. This year, we are doing a Lego Advent calendar. The kids take turns popping out the little window on the box and putting together the lego part and then adding it to the winter scene.

We are also moving the star along out Advent quilt. In years past, I've put trinkets or notes for different activities in the pockets. This year, I've hidden some money in some of the pockets.

In my hurry to finish putting out the Christmas decorations, I left the manger scene on the kitchen table until I could get the piano top cleaned off to put the manger up there. But then I noticed the kids were playing with it and retelling the story, and so on the kitchen table it stays. Although, tonight's retelling had an extra large cow outside the stable.

Daniel's teacher sent home a notice informing the parents that the children will be learning different Christmas traditions from all around the world. Above is a wooden shoe he made for St. Nick's Day. Today, Joshua's class learned all about Pearl Harbor. I'm really pleased with the kids school.
I just have to brag on Megan. Look at the neatness in her handwriting. She's working so hard! I know she was discouraged to have 2 Cs on her report card, but she's showing such great improvement we tell her that all that counts right now is that she's doing her best.

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