Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Festivities

We celebrated our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, which means our usual traditions were a day early. The kids woke up and waited for the okay to go find the pickle.

We have a glass pickle ornament that Keith and I hide on the tree on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning the child that finds the pickle gets an extra gift. This gift is usually something gender-neutral and wrapped with the tag of "Pickle Gift".

Notice Megan is already dressed for church, and Daniel is running around in his PJs. Megan was the lucky Pickle winner this year.

She was pretty excited!

The only present that was opened that morning was the Pickle Gift (which was a Harry Potter game for the Wii and $5). Then it was time to eat and get out the door for church. Church was wonderful, although I do believe I'm teaching in the warmest room in the church - or perhaps it's just the energy of the 20 or so 4 year olds!

Back home after church, I put together the rest of lunch. Christmas menu this year:
* turkey breast (I made it in the crock pot - super easy!)
* gravy
* mashed potatoes
* winter salad (recipe to come soon)
* roasted carrots (recipe to come soon)
* dinner rolls (made by the Fresh Market)
* pumpkin pie (at Daniel's request and made by the Fresh Market)

Keith's parents came over for lunch and when we were all stuffed, it was time to exchange presents.

Grandma and Grandpa brought a really big present for the boys!

All Daniel asked for was a sword with a holder. In the Santa wrapped box there was a...
whole Roman soldier set! Incidently, the Party Store is the absolute funnest place to Christmas shop at!
Grandma and Grandpa Holloway got Megan an Easy Bake Oven. Which will be fantastic to make treats for the beautiful tea set that Grandma and Grandpa Ketchum got Megan.

Yippee! An ice cream maker for Grandma's house. Get it ready, I hear we are having a hot summer!

Grandpa and his new Georgia Bulldogs yard gnome.

Joshua and his new Georgia Bulldogs t-shirt.

Daniel with is Pillow Pet, reading the directions to his build-your-own-fort kit.

Saving the best for last, the kids attacked the big present from Grandma and Grandpa. It's an air hockey table.

There's Keith hiding behind the tree playing with the open presents!

Daniel hiding in his newly created fort.

Megan reading about the different things she can make in her Easy Bake oven.

While the girls were in the kitchen getting snacks ready, the boys put together their new lego sets.

Tada! It's a pink cookie sandwich with yellow icing.

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