Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nutcracker sadness

I didn't post this picture last night because I didn't really know why Megan was so upset. I asked her about it today and she explained it to me. I guess the girl that is playing the Nutcracker was coming up the hallway and Megan wanted to touch her to see if she was real or a toy. I remember her saying something to me at the time before breaking into tears, but I couldn't really figure it out with everything going on. The off stage area is a zoo, and I was busy wrestling a bunch of giggling 3 year old rabbits into a line. (They are in all white costumes and all they want to do is sit on the filthy floor!)

I'm still not sure if Megan thinks the Nutcracker is a real person or a toy. Hopefully this weekend goes without any tears.


Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

That picture is so sad, but so cute. :( Complete with bunny ears. Makes you remember how hard it is to be a small person once again!


The Day family of 4 said...

Awww... so much to learn abiut the world.