Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Clean-up time

The kids have kicked me out of their rooms because I keep playing with all their cool new things. So I am forced to clean up the house. We had a full house with some of our wonderful neighbors over for Christmas dinner. We had butternut squash soup, black bean soup and potato soup and salad, bread and fruit with dip. I'm so excited to have tons of soup leftover, since the sky is dark again and it is definately soup weather. Speaking of the dark sky, we celebrated the Winter Solstice last week and we are now gaining minutes of light daily. I added a tracker from Weather Underground to show the sunrise/sunset times, and a second tracker to check the temperature.

And because I mentioned a story last night at dinner and it was deemed "blog-worthy", I thought I better put it on here...
Clearly we've watched the movie Annie one too many times. Megan and Daniel were playing on the floor in the living room and Daniel gave Megan a toy to share. Since we are working on our manners, I waited for a few minutes and than asked Megan, "What to do you say?", she promptly followed up with, "We love you, Mrs. Hannigan" complete with the sing-songy little sassy voice that the orphans have in the movie. I'm in trouble with her. She has such a funny little sense of humor.

Okay, enough fooling around...back to cleaning (okay, maybe after Martha Stewart is over, she's making a fantastic salad).

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