Friday, December 14, 2007

Dec 2006 - Fun in Florida

My mom (the kids call her Nana) lives in a retirement community. So instead of staying at her place during our visit, we all stayed together at a hotel on the beach. It was fun swimming in the ocean and collecting shells. We enjoyed dozing in the hammock at Keith's parents house (to clear up confusion - we refer to them as Grandma and Grandpa). It is fun watching the squirrels run around in the trees up above the hammock.

We were invited by Shirley to go to the public libary for story time. It was amazing, there were stories, songs, a puppet show, stamps, cookies and coloring tables. The kids all had such a good time. Here is Megan coloring with Daniel and Joshua (Ruben and Shirley's little boy) in the background. We are so excited to be moving closer to such great friends. Shirley and I worked together as nurse's aides while we were finishing nursing school. Ruben and Keith went to high school together, and Ruben was the best man in our wedding.

Another great outing was the day we drove race cars. Here are Joshua and Grandpa with their serious faces on.

Megan and Grandma getting ready to race.

Poor Daniel, he's too small to race. But we did ride around the track together. I was just real careful about staying away from the other cars so we wouldn't bump too hard. He did enjoy the ride.

We really enjoyed our trip to the zoo. The trip to the zoo was one of the first outings we went on when we got to Florida. Megan was really unsure about the squirrels running around.

Megan playing at the indoor playground at the world's largest McDonalds. This McDonalds actually has a second area to order food from that is not McDonalds food. There are real deli sandwiches and salads with actual vegetables in there. It was a pleasant surprise.

If Daniel were able to speak in full sentences back then I'm sure he would be saying, " Seriously Ronald, can we talk about maybe getting some better food choices?"

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