Saturday, December 29, 2007

Enjoying the wonderful gifts.

Grandma and Grandpa sent Joshua this really cool game called The Touch. The concept of the game is to pick items out of this strange little orb using your sense of touch only. So you draw a card and the card has a theme, let's say baseball. On one side there is a baseball, bat and glove. On the other side there are educational facts about baseball. During your turn, you have 30 seconds to pull the ball, bat and glove out of the orb. Keith put a napkin over the top of the orb, since it is clear on one side for the opponents to see what you are grabbing, and Joshua kept trying to look over to the clear part.

As you can see, there are many different types of objects to choose from. The two other sets are animal sets; one with farm animals and one with about 30 different types of dinosaurs.
This is a perfect game for Daddy and Joshua. Daddy is a very hands-on learner, and he was flying through this game. I am a visual learner and it was hard for me to play.

Usually when I am cooking dinner, I separate the kids a bit. Two play together just great, once a third is added (it doesn't even matter which one!) chaos ensues and the sibling rivalry gets out of control because they know I am occupied with dinner preparation. So on most nights, the kids rotate sitting up at the bar and either helping cook dinner, or working with art supplies. Tonight, Daniel played with his new crayons. These things are awesome. He stacked them, counted them, colored with them, and put them on his fingers like little finger puppets. Incidentally, he can name just about all of the colors of those crayons. Brown he calls Chocolate Milk. And pink he calls Megan. How cute is that?

Megan is showing off her new bathrobe. The robes didn't make it here in time for Christmas, but I picked them up today from the post office. The timing was excellent, because they softened the blow from the sadness the kids were expressing about the fact that I've already taken down the Christmas tree.

Megan's robe has ballerinas on it and has her name embroidered on the back. The boys have matching train robes with their names on them, too. Notice the sheep pajamas, they fit her perfect. I'll have to work on some for the boys next.


Mrs. Darling said...

That game looks wonderful. I think I'll look for it. Peter would love it.

Hey my two cant even get along in the same room! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, so good to talk to you yesterday! I love this game, it is so cool! I should look into it for the kids too. My two play well together, but, I do not expect that to last once I have another one who is old enough to get in the foray.