Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Baranov Museum

This morning we ventured out to the Baranov Museum in Downtown Kodiak. It is located inside a 200 year old National Historic Landmark building. The museum was offering free admission this morning, as well as a chance to meet Father Christmas and a craft for the kids. For more information about this really cool place check out - Joshua and Father Christmas discussing the weather - it was snowing pretty heavy this morning, but now it's clear and sunny.
Daniel and Mrs. Christmas. She really liked his eye lashes. He's such a flirt.

The whole gang. I was trying to cut the picture in close enough to keep everyone's snow boots out of it!

Another shot including the eagle and bears in the background.

And inside the museum was an entire wall dedicated to none other than Benny Benson (see post reviewing this week for more info on Benny). Joshua momentarily became a museum docent and informed anyone that would listen to him all about Benny Benson. Josh was excited to see a picture of him and a signed flag was framed for viewing as well.

Keith and Megan were facsinated by the many historical documents. It was timely to see pictures of Kodiak and read about the mandatory black-outs after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. We also had a chance to look at many pictures showing the way Kodiak has grown over the years.

After looking through the museum, we went out onto the big porch to do a craft. The kids decorated picture frames to put their pictures in. They each got a polaroid of their picture with Father Christmas.

Daniel had a good time, too. He's really into crafts lately. Coloring and painting really captivate his attention. One of his favorite activities is to use crayons. But it has to be the white crayon on a colored construction paper.

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Katie said...

Hi Mary, I found your blog through the link on Zoya's site. You have a beautiful family and a great blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Museum today!