Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dec 2006 - Watching them grow is so much fun!

Keith has been working on sorting and organizing our family photos on the external hard drive. We spent some time laughing at some pictures of the kids. It's amazing how much they've grown in one year. To make up for my lack of pictures all week - I thought I'd share some from our trip this time last year.
Megan is such an intersting person. She's fearless one minute, as seen here following Joshua up the climber. Then the next minute everything makes her cry.

Joshua, Keith and I played mini-golf together. It was fun. Joshua is quite good at it.

Our trip to Sea World was wonderful. We were appreciative of their Hero Salute program, which allowed us free admission to the park. We brought Grandma along with us. Surprisingly, the kids enjoyed a few shows. We really had fun in the children's play area.

Megan dressed herself that day.

There were not many children playing in the water that day. The weather was in the 70's - perfect for us!

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