Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday Shopping

Amazingly, this weekend, we went back to First Watch for breakfast. Well, we enjoy their healthy menu, so it's really not amazing that we went back. Joshua, again, needed to use the rest room. Which put me, again, on Men's Room door duty. So, as I'm standing outside the Men's Room, a nice 30-ish looking fella comes walking towards the Men's Room. He looked at me questioningly and I bashfully mentioned that my big boy 5 year old was using the Men's Room and that I would be more comfortable if he could have just a minute or two to finish up before a stranger walks in there. This man started laughing so hard tears rolled down his face. A closer look at him and I realized he and I had just had this same conversation in this same place just a few weeks ago. We laughed at the irony, and figured out we both dine at First Watch with our families on the weekends. Seriously, in a place as huge as the greater Orlando area, what are the chances of this happening? This nice man also said that my paranoia has sparked many interesting conversations with different friends of his over the past few weeks and that absolutely nobody is going to believe that I made him wait outside the bathroom again! When Joshua came out of the Men's Room, I glanced at my watch and told the nice man that it was about 8:30am, so in a few weeks, he might want to consider using the Men's Room a few minutes earlier than that if he didn't want to wait. He said he'd rather wait, he's afraid I'll come barging into the Men's Room doing my secret service sweep before I let my baby in there. We shopped quite a bit this weekend. Daniel tried on a cute hat at the party store. We got a few items to decorate a Welcome Home Daddy sign.
On Sunday afternoon, the kids were getting sleepy - it was too late for naps, but too early for bedtime. I loaded them all up for a ride. We ended up at Bruster's ice cream stand. I had to giggle when Megan was handed this napkin. She never has her shoes on the right feet! The kids enjoyed their little ice creams. I can't really handle that much dairy, so I just enjoyed the fresh air. The breeze was amazing, there was a rainstorm about to roll in.


Amber said...

Too funny that it was the same guy! You guys are going to be on Larry King or something soon!

Becca and Jason said...

Never a dull moment for you! And I have to say, it's a good thing Kodiak kids don't have to wait til their shoes are on the right feet to get a treat - I've seen more "wrong feet" crocs around here than anywhere else in the world!!

Rachel H. said...

That is INCREDIBLE, and hilarious at the same time! :)

What a good sport he is!!!

And I loved that little hat! How cute!!