Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Have you seen this man?

* Keith and Daniel October 2005*
Keith is officially on his way to Florida. He boarded the ferry Monday evening and arrived on the mainland Tuesday morning. He'll be driving the ALCAN with his trusty map book (The Milepost), his British sounding Tom-Tom and our drunken cat, Meow-meow.
We last saw Keith on May 1st, when the kids and I boarded the first of 3 planes heading to our final destination of Florida. Before then, it had been a few hectic weeks with preparing for the movers, then my trip to Florida for graduation, then cleaning up after the movers in preparation to close on the house. So it's probably been a couple of months since we've all spent stress-free time together.
Our original plan included me flying up to Anchorage to meet up with him and travel with him camping across the country. Then the more we got to thinking about it, we decided that probably wouldn't be as much fun as it sounds. That would mean leaving the kids with Grandma and Grandpa for almost 2 weeks, and Keith and I being unreachable by cell phone at times. We instead decided on trying to take a small vacation without the kids if the timing of Keith's arrival works out.
Keith promises to take some good pictures on his trip and post them on the blog when he gets here.
(My apologies for such an old picture of Keith. I promise, I have newer pictures, but they are all on the external hard drive and that is in the 4Runner with Keith making it's way across the continent.)

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Rachel H. said...

I will never, no never, complain about not seeing my husband for a day or two EVER again....