Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pre-Father's Day Festivities

We are all missing Daddy, and looking forward to seeing him soon. Because Keith is still in Alaska, we decided to share all of our Father's Day fun with Grandpa! Saturday night, the kids painted little wooden race cars. Daniel is saying, "oh, no Mommy, I'm messy".

Joshua did a great job working away on his car.
Daniel did a great job painting his car green.
Megan's car was rainbow colored. She's very meticulous. I wish I had gotten pictures of the finished products, but I did not!

After painting the racecars, we gave Grandma some peace and quiet around the house. We took Grandpa to get some ice cream. He had seen the Little Dairy Manor pictures on the blog and mentioned that he hasn't been there in years. So we loaded up the kids (this time with an extra change of clothes for Daniel!) and set off. Unfortunately, the Little Dairy Manor was closed unexpectedly. So we went to Friendly's where we could eat sitting down in the air conditioning.

Daniel enjoyed his little scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream with peanut butter cups for ears.
They boys were so cute. They loved sitting up at the bar watching all the ice cream sundaes being made.
Megan really enjoyed her vanilla scoop. Then to walk off the ice cream, we loaded back into the mini-van and headed over to Cranes Roost Park, only to find a car show going on.
We all enjoyed looking at all the old cars. Grandpa saw quite a few that he liked.
Joshua really enjoyed looking at all the different cars.

There was a DJ playing some sock-hop music. Quite a few people were dancing around in the street.


Rachel H. said...

Nothin' cute as kids and cars! :)

Happy pre-father's day festivities! :)

Wild Banks' said...

You guys are the cutest! What's the deal with Keith? Anyhoo- I wanted to let you know that I went and tagged you... come and see what I mean.