Friday, June 6, 2008

Ahoy there, mateys (and princesses)

You would think that after a day of exhausting play, these guys would crash at bedtime. This is not the case, every night bedtime is a struggle. It is wearing me out. The worst is when Daniel is up until 11pm. Not only is he cranky the next day, but I am too, since I get up early and am out the door on the way to the gym by 5am.

Today, they played quite a bit inside. I was expecting two packages to come in the mail and I needed to be available to sign for at least one of them. The first package came early in the day before lunch - it was our profit check from the sale of our house in Kodiak (whoo hoo!!). The second package came later in the evening when we were watching the Swiss Family Robinson (we've been in a bit of a pirate phase). Package number two contained a new Tom-Tom for Keith for his trip across most of North America. I'll ship it up to him on Monday along with an anniversary card *cough, cough, hint, hint*.
Here is Joshua and Megan attacking each other with their swords they made from tinker toys. Notice Megan has a whole pocket of pink replacement parts. And just for the animal lovers that might be concerned - the dog in the background is not a real dog, it is a statue that Megan made beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I just love love love reading all of your journals Mary. The kids have grown so much! Reading it makes me a little sad, but I am grateful to have kept in touch with you.

Sarah H.

Zach and Beth said...

Oh, goodness. I am getting the biggest kick out of all your blogs. Megan is too funny with all her pink sticks. Let me know how the hint works out for you, I may have to use it myself. Heh.

Rachel H. said...

Dooesn't it drive you nuts if they won't sleep?? :) What drives me even MORE nuts is when THEY sleep and I don't!!

As always, looks like lots of fun. I hope you got a hefty profit from the sale of your home and are able to do something fun--even a little something fun! :) Can't wait to hear about you getting long will you be with grandma and grandpa? And are you staying in FL?

And HOORAY for the gps...we LOVE ours....LOVE IT. LIFESAVER! :) Happy anniversary--since it is apparently coming up! :)