Wednesday, June 4, 2008

102 Degrees

The sign in front of the bank said it was 102 degrees today. Daniel was down to just a few pull-ups left, so a trip to the store was needed. We were all hot and sweaty by the time we got out of the store and loaded our packages into the mini-van, so I suggested a nice cool drink. The kids saw the ice cream store and asked for ice cream instead. We each had a small child sized serving of ice cream.
Notice how sweaty Megan is. She's so adorable - she gets red and her hair gets all curly as soon as she steps outside.


Lisa said...

102 - In our British dreams!

Rachel H. said...

Isn't it so hard to be hot?!?! I keep wondering why I complained about it being cold a few months ago....but then I remember that we really couldn't go anywhere or do anything--so I much prefer it hot. :) even though it really isn't every PREFERRED! :)