Thursday, June 12, 2008

How lucky I am...

Often times when Keith calls, I wish I could remember some of the funny things the kids say. So, here are a few giggles from the past couple of days...

* Daniel, Megan and I were at the bank the other day. We seldom actually walk into the bank, but the drivethru was crazy busy, so in we went. In line behind us was a dirty (as in covered with dirt, maybe he's a landscaper?) 40-ish looking guy wearing a vintage Superman t-shirt that had a few holes in it. When the bank teller called, "next", Daniel said, "you go mom, I need to talk to Superman". Then he asked Superman why his shirt had a hole in it. For the rest of the day, he was telling people that he met Superman at the bank.

*Joshua went on a field trip to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday with GOAL camp. They road a school bus for the trip. Joshua's teenage group leader things he is absolutely hilarious. He raised his hand on the bus and asked where the seatbelts are. He was genuinely concerned about it and wanted to know if his mom knew he wasn't buckled in.

*Another funny from the field trip - relayed to me from the teen workers. The pizza and drinks were just served at Chuck E. Cheese.
Joshua: Excuse me, what is this drink?
Worker: Fruit Punch.
Joshua: What kind of fruit?
Worker: I'm not sure it's any kind of fruit that's just what they call the drink.
Joshua: Then it doesn't have fruit? I'm not sure that's healthy, is there something else I can have?
(He ended up with half water/half lemonade.)

Maybe you just have to know my kids to see their humor, but they crack me up every day. They are such little reflections of Keith and I it is a constant reminder to watch my actions/words/thoughts.

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Mrs. Darling said...

Wow a kid worried about health at the pizza parlour? Youve trained him well!!!